Appointment of a New Committee Member



Dear Resident

Appointment New Committee Member

As per discussion during the Joint Management Committees Meeting No 26 on 4th September 2009, we are pleased to announce the appointment of New Committee member to carry out social responsibilities towards the betterment of PV 10.

Ms Angela Lew from Block B effective 8th September 2009.

JMC hope she could contribute her precious time where we as a committee member uphold the value in teamwork and passion. Any negative or positive feedback from the residents should be the motivating factors for all of us to move forward. Therefore, we always undertake consensus responsibility and mutual agreement as main agenda i.e between the residents and the committee members before approving any vital resolution especially when it can indirectly give an impact to all parties within PV10.

Reference is made to the First Schedule [Subsection 11(4)] clause 2 on the Continuation of Office:

“Where any vacancy occurs in the Committee, the remaining members shall appoint another purchaser to be a member until the next Annual General Meeting of the Body”

The JMC is well aware that there is a need to increase the size of the committee for the the JMC to be more effective. If you feel that you are a team player and has a little spare time for social work, you can give us your contact number and we shall call you to discuss your appointment as a new committee member.

Thank You

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Appointment effective 8th September 2009

Appointment effective 8th September 2009

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