Ongoing work at PV10


Above pictures    show on going works which are being carried out on on Friday ,18th September 2009 . These are value added works that may uplift the image of our condo. With these on going works, the value of our properties will definitely be maintained.

Pictures show the corner shop lot being transformed into a gym. Renovation work is in progress. A huge mirrow will be placed in the gym. Because of the wonderful views and fresh air, doing workout will not be a boring affair anymore.

Stools are being built around the pool to enable the swimmers to place their towels and parents can sit on the stools to keep an eye on their children swimming in the pool.

We are sourcing for a locker for the swimmers and gym users to place their personal things.

The fish are shooting out water again. The fountain is also working.

The stained tiles at Blk A lift lobby had also been replaced.

The JMC is here to ensure that PV 10 is in tip top condition.

Goodnight and have a nice dayIMGP4323IMGP4345IMGP4357IMGP4326IMGP4329

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