Donation of Poster for New GYM

Dear Residents,

We’re writing you on behalf of JMB PV 10 to seek Donation for a Poster to be placed at the New GYM at Shop Lot 2-0-23. Your help would go a long way to make the enviroment in the GYM to greater height and uplift the image. We would greatly appreciate a donation of few posters related to GYM enviroment.

Thank you for considering our request. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact Management Office or any of the JMC.


Joint Management Committees.

Areas required few posters

Areas required few posters

it will look something like

will be good if few posters laid as shown

will be good if few posters laid as shown

Latest on the gym


The bright and breezy gym which is in the most ideal location is going to be completed soon. A high quality carpet will be laid by next Tuesday barring any unforseen circumstances After that, the lighting work will follow suit. When the carpet is laid and the lighting completed, the final task will be the moving of the equipment into the new gym. The task will be undertaken by the gym equipment supplier. The gym will be opened to the residents when all these works are completed. We know that the residents are waiting patiently and anxiously for the new gym. Just bear with us for a little while. Oh no! I forgot to mention the mirrow. Yes! A  giant size mirrow will be installed in the new gym. The ladies and and all those mascular men will love it.

Goodnight nd have a nice day.

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