Congratulations to Highrise

Dear Residents,

We, Joint Management Committees of JMB PV 10 would like to express congratulations to Leanis Consulting Sdn Bhd, the developer of Highrise for being nominated in the BEST OF E-INCLUSION & E-COMMUNITY by MSC Malaysia, Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Awards (MSC Malaysia APICTA), under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. As with their web collaboration tool, we have managed to gather feedback and use it to improve the living at PV 10.

Click at the below link to view more:

Kindly scroll down & look at the category of Best of E-Inclusion & E-Community.


Screenshot from the Web

Untitled2We urged residents of PV 10, kindly download your form from the web (Click to Download)

or fill up the form at the Management Office.

Thank You

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