ONE WAY at Jalan Danau Saujana 2

Dear residents of PV10.

This is a gentle reminder to the residents of PV 10 that the implementation of the one way road system is just around the corner. We have distributed out all the notices. By now , all the residents should be aware of the date of the implemetation that is the 1st. Dec 2009. The signages have been installed and already being displayed . We will like to advise the residents to follow the direction of the road signs now in order to get used to the new traffic sysytem. Try not to turn right when you exit Pv10. We need the co-operation of all the residents in order for the system to work. The flow of the traffic will be much more smoother. Congestion at the guardhouse will be minimized too. Just remember when we exit, we turn left and when we enter, we turn right.

Goodnight and have a nice day.



Google Map view of the one way flow of Jalan Danau Saujana 2

Google Map view of the One Way flow for Jalan Danau Saujana 2

Notice distributed at Residents Car


Actions taken by the JMC

What does the picture tell us ? Well, it was an action taken by the JMC to prevent an accident from happening. A resident related to us  how he was nearly knocked down  by a motorcyclist who was trying to bypass the hump.  We took immediate action to instruct the management to extend the hump. The job was completed the next day. This shows  what the JMC will do to solve a complaint no matter how small it is.

The building of another hump is in progress at level 2A. This is also a response to a complaint made by a resident pertainning to motorists who are avoiding the humps by taking a short cut which may result in an accident.

This is an ongoing work to touch up the worn out paint on the humps which was carried out on the instruction of the JMC.

The singnages were done to facilitate the implementation of the one way road system. Please remember that when you exit PV10, you can only turn left and not right. Hopefully the new road system will provide a smoother flow of traffic for PV10

Once again, we have to remind you that the date of  implementation is on the 1st December 2009.

Goodnight and have a nice day

Security Counter for GYM & Lift Lobby

Dear Residents,

We have located a Security Counter at the GYM for the Security Guards to register Resident Pass and writing the details of resident’s patroning the GYM in the Log Book. The key to use the GYM and Ping Pong Room is with the Security Guards stationed in front of the GYM. He is also in-charge of the Swimming Pool area.


Security Counter in front of GYM


Security Guard stationed here in-charge of Swimming Pool, GYM & Ping Pong Room


from left Mr Prem Baldu, Mr Prem Limbu & En Hamzah (PVDPMSB)





Admin of PVDPMSB PV 10

Dear Residents,

The Admin dept who has help us in ensuring the smooth running of PV 10 from all aspect. All of them report to Resident Manager which he will update the JMC on any progress.

from left: Cik Niza, Ms Janice, Mr Andy & Ms Joey

Security Z Force Sdn Bhd

Dear Residents,

Currently Mr Sinna is our Chief Security Officer under Z-Force Sdn Bhd.


sitting in the middle is Mr Sinna



Maintenance Dept of PVDPMSB PV 10

Dear Residents,

This is the team that has help us to maintain PV 10 in good  condition.

from left: En Sherry, Mr Andy Chen, En Hamzah and En Azman

En Azman, En Sherry and En Hamzah report to Mr Andy Chen our Resident Manager.

Tenaga Bersih Team Group Photo

Dear Residents,

This posting dedicated to all staff from Tenaga Bersih who have maintain the cleanliness of our Condo. JMC wish to thank them for their valuable effort and passion. If your area is not clean, you can call up their Supervisor En Arif at 014-9235620.

Team from Tenaga Bersih Sdn Bhd

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