Changes at the entrance

We have made some changes to the entrance at the guardhouse. The changes made  are minimal . You may not notice it when you go out or enter PV10. We had actually placed some flower pots at the exit and entrance in order to make it easier for the residents to enter and exit since the exit and entrance points have been widened. We removed two motorcycle bays at the exit point. Simple changes like that may go a long way to improve the traffic system at PV 10.

We had also given strict instruction to the security not to allow any vehicles to park or wait at the exit  and the entrance points . You may also notice that the  dotted middle  lane had been blackened.  This is actually part our preparation to implement the one way road system .

The date for the implementation is tentativally set on the 1st December 2009.


The exit point. We removed two motorcycle parking bays.


It is easier for the residents to turn in.

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