Actions taken by the JMC

What does the picture tell us ? Well, it was an action taken by the JMC to prevent an accident from happening. A resident related to us  how he was nearly knocked down  by a motorcyclist who was trying to bypass the hump.  We took immediate action to instruct the management to extend the hump. The job was completed the next day. This shows  what the JMC will do to solve a complaint no matter how small it is.

The building of another hump is in progress at level 2A. This is also a response to a complaint made by a resident pertainning to motorists who are avoiding the humps by taking a short cut which may result in an accident.

This is an ongoing work to touch up the worn out paint on the humps which was carried out on the instruction of the JMC.

The singnages were done to facilitate the implementation of the one way road system. Please remember that when you exit PV10, you can only turn left and not right. Hopefully the new road system will provide a smoother flow of traffic for PV10

Once again, we have to remind you that the date of  implementation is on the 1st December 2009.

Goodnight and have a nice day

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