Routine maintenance at PV10

On the day when the one way  road system was implemented, we had engaged some RELA members to enforce the rule. Most of the residents are following the rule. We find that the traffic is very neat and much smoother compare to before. Of course , there will be outsiders who are not following the rule. This is something beyond our control. We need more time to educate them. It is for the good of everybody although we have to travel 0.1 km extra to exit to the main road.

The prominent  stripes of yellow and black was done at the instruction of the JMC to give the guardhouse a new look.

This is part of the cleaners’ routine maintenance work to keep PV 10 in tip top condition. A high water pressure jet was used to clean the car park.

Where cleaniness is concerned, none of the area at PV10 is neglected. This is a picture of an  air-well which was just cleaned up.

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