Our second AGM was successfully conducted in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere . Everything was carried out in an orderly manner right from the registration to the last agenda, other matters arising. The turnouts were rather low. only 42 owners were present out of 850. This is a common scenario for any condo. To the JMC , low turnouts spells good news for the JMC, it just means that the residents are not beset with problems and unresolved issues. It means that the JMC is on the right track.

Residents are generally happy with the performance of the JMC and the management company but residents can feel assured that the JMC will not feel complacent with what it has achieved. The JMC shall continue to strive to bring improvements to PV10 and to minimize problems faced by the residents. We shall continue to ensure that the value of the properties of PV10 be maintained and increased to greater height. We shall continue to practise transparency and accountability. Cost of any upgrading projects will be made known to all. You will continue to be updated on what is happening at PV10. Our sinking fund will continue to be untouched.

For any condo to be well managed, we need the co-operation and support of all the owners. We have to be united. There should not be any existence of team A and team B because it will spell disaster for a condo. Nothing gets done because everyone will be fighting to protect his own interest instead of the interests of the residents. For your info, a few amendments to the house rules were proposed and adopted. The residents will be duly informed when they are ready to be distributed.

Thank you and have a nice day

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