Update on Block C & Block D Door Access

Dear Residents,

Reference is made to the above-mentioned, the JMC (Joint Management Committee) had received a lot of complaints from the residents who were dissatisfied with the interruption and delay in completing or restoring the above-mentioned.

Highrise Feedback (http://pv10.highrise.my/)

Briefly, the matter has been protracting since 2 month ago without having an end. We’ve requested PVDPMSB to forward the report directly to EITA, but the reply was a major setback to us. It had been conveyed to us that the Company does not have the required spare parts to effect the repairing task. As such, we have keep on explaining the matter to the residents who in return has hurled us with inefficient standard in discharging our duties. The quandaries we inherit are from the developer and not of our own. Parroting the same line of “wait and wait” will surely dampen the spirit of harmonious relationship between the JMC and the residents at large. Finally the saga end today, what a relief for JMC and Management Office. We (JMC) would like to convey many thanks to our Chairman(click here for his Facebook) and Management Office who call the said parties and follow up everyday.

EITA rep installing the Motherboard (picture from our Resident Manager)

new Motherboard (picture from our Resident Manager)

Our priority is security which cannot be compromised at all cost. Once again, we have say sorry for the delay, to read more kindly log-in to your


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