Residents of PV 10,

Please be careful if you received such an email.

Symantec has just reported that there is currently an email scam on the loose, asking for donations to help the people of Haiti, whom were hit by a major earthquake recently. The fraud mail lists a real address and highlighted a real donation campaign but the mail’s contents are not real.
Take the screenshot above as example; the British Red Cross Society (BRCS) does not use Western Union for donations. The email address listed in the mail is also not real and it does not belong to BRCS. Do take note of these irregularities as the email contents might change as it goes from one hand to another.

It is just sickening to see some inconsiderate parties out there who would just take advantages of unfortunate events, even if it involved a large scale natural disaster with millions of life at stake. Remember, if you want to help our friends in Haiti, do it straight at a proper charity bodies such as Malaysian Red Crescent or MERCY Malaysia.

[Source: Symantec Connect]

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