The latest on Pv10

The area outside the lift lobby will be laid with tiles Work has actually started at Block A.  It will be done for all the blocks. When they are completed, the lift  lobbies will certainly look different.

 There is a routine maitenance for the car park. The car park is given a through wash once every two or three months depending on the condition. It is washed with high water pressure jet provided by Tebaga Bersih Sdn Bhd.

The surface of the area around the pool has been protected with a layer of high quality clear hardener coat that gives a shining look. The area around the pool has to be maintained closely because if the surface is worn out , we cannot bring back the original colour texture anymore. The cost incurred to repair it will be very high. A new coat can last two or three years.

A clean corridor on the ground floor. A  routine scrubbing job is done once a month. It is been mopped daily,

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