A new security company

Dear residents,

A new security company (Sedia Teknik Sdn Bhd) has been appointed to take over the security services effective 15th July 2010 after JMC carried out 6 interviews with Security Company source by PVDPMSB. You may see some new faces and better enforcement.

The JMC has told the new company that what we want is performance in the aspect of enforcement.. All the guards engaged must be able to communicate with the residents. We still have to rely on foreign guards but you will be seeing more nepalnese who are more reliable than other races. We can’t use local guards for the simple reason that they will not stay for long and being a guard is a second choice for them.

Getting a good security company pose a big headache to us. Normally, for the initial period they will perform well and later on the services will deteriorate to extend that we may have to terminate them. Hopefully, it will work this time.

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Thank You

Security Briefing at 8:00pm with Mr Sinna & JMC

JMC at Security Briefing especially on our House Rules

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