Khalwat: close proximity ; KLMU Student

Dear all,

JMC’s and KLMU Warden has caught students suspected of committing khalwat.  We’ve handover them to JAWI by the help of Balai Polis Setapak personnel. We hope residents can call our Guard at 03-41421131 or KLMU Warden at 013-2525191 if you see any misbehaving behaviour that could pathway for social failure as these culprits must be caught and could spend up to two years in prison, not to mention the fines by the Syariah Court.

Police, JMC's & KLMU Warden working together to tackle social issues.

Police Car was here on Saturday night because of Khalwat: (close proximity) of KLMU student..

all the culprit were taken to Balai Polis Setapak

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