Dear residents,
We shall be presenting the following resolutions for your considerations on the day of our PV 10 AGM.

1.   Proposal to link up the roof top car park. The design  will be  displayed     during the AGM

2.  Proposal to replace the cheap and problematic aluminium glass doors at all the lift lobbies with the tempered glass doors which are normally used at the banks. The estimated total cost is RM 20 K.

3.   Proposal to lay tiles on the cement rendered floor of our community hall.

4.   Proposal to incorporate the cost of the sticker into our maintenance bill automatically upon the
expiry due date.

5.   Proposal to install air conditions in the hall. The estimated cost is RM 30 K

The above proposals will be implemented when they are passed unanimously by the floor. In other words, every owner will have the right to vote on the resolutions. As for the fund to carry out those projects, we shall be utilizing our special fund ( car park rental ) and any short fall will be financed by our management fund. Our sinking fund will remain untouched.

Don’t forget to check our Audited Account at:

Goodnight and have a nice day

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