Supervisor of Cleaning Company

Dear Owners,


below is the picture of Supervisor of newly appointed Cleaning Company.

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Picture of JMC spot-check at their Store Room.

Time 21:30

Date May 7, 2009.

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Thank You


Appointment of a new cleaning company

Due to the unsatisfactory performance of the cleaning company, the JMC had made a decision to terminate their services effective 1st May. The JMC carried out a tender  interview with two companies after being shorlisted from a few companies which had submitted their quotations.

Our main criteria for selecting the company is the the kind of equipments that they are going to use to assist the cleaners. We believed that with such a vast area to cover, without any equipments, work cannot get done no matter how many cleaners you engage.

The JMC has appointed Tenaga Bersih Sdn Bhd to be our new cleaning company. Total cost is RM15,200. They will station two new  auto scrubbers  here permanently.
The auto scrubber is a 3 in 1 machine. They scrubb, vacumn and dry at the same time.  Time taken to clean the corridor is much shorter . Similar to above picture. The current company can afford to provide only one manual scrubber.

This company has a long  history in providing cleaning services. We consider them to be professionals. Their current clients in the market are Damansara Ikea, Courts Mammoth Setapak , a few high end condos in Mont Kiara and many others.


Goodnight and have a nice day

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