Progress on Pedestrian Autogate

Dear Residents,

We’re in the midst of testing the system for Pedestrian Gate at the Guard House. Hopefully it will be online soon.

before the installation

new roof thus protect our CCTV also, pending with installation of Door Closer..

Card Reader has been install, in the midst of test run, we hope the system be online 100% by next week


Apakah yang dimaksudkan Hakmilik Strata? Strata Titles Act 1985

Dear Residents;

Some info of on Strata Title;

JMC’s would like to highlight that formation of JMB PV 10 is on a temporary basis, we’re in the pursuance of section 64 of the Strata Titles Act 1985, the MC comes into existence upon the completion of the transfer of strata title in respect of all the parcels by the original proprietor. We have apply to the Director of Lands and Mines for an order to establish the management corporation as provided for under section 64A.

We’re targeting between 1-2 years to establish Management Corporation PV 10, as some owners may received the letter as you read this posting.

Here are some tips on Management Corporation.

S : Apakah yang dimaksudkan Hakmilik Strata?
J : Hakmilik yang dikeluarkan untuk setiap unit (petak) bagi sesebuah bangunan yang mempunyai dua tingkat atau lebih atas tanah berimilik yang dipegang sebagai satu lot dimana kelulusan bagi memecah bahagi bangunan tersebut telah diluluskan (Seksyen 6 AHS). Contohnya, Rumah Pangsa, Pangsapuri, Kondominium, Penthouse, Kompleks Komersial dan Rumah Kedai.
S : Bilakah Hakmilik Strata perlu dipohon?
J : Permohonan boleh dibuat oleh pemaju/pemilik tanah walaupun bangunan yang telah siap dibina itu belum dikeluarkan Sijil Menduduki (C.F.). Permohonan sedemikian hanya akan diluluskan oleh PTG setelah hakmilik tetap dan Sijil Menduduki penuh diperolehi.
S : Bagaimanakah caranya memohon Hakmilik Strata?
J : Permohonan hendaklah dibuat secara bertulis dengan disertakan bayaran dan lain keperluan seperti dalam senarai semak.
S : Mengapakah Hakmilik Strata perlu dipohon dan didaftarkan?
J : Ia bertujuan untuk menjamin kepentingan pembeli rumah berbilang tingkat sebagai pemilik berdaftar dari segi pegangan hakmilik strata. Faedah-faedah yang boleh dinikmati oleh pemilik petak berdaftar seperti berikut :- 

  • Hak ke atas harta bersama mengikut unit syer setiap petak.
  • Hak ke atas keuntungan dari hasil jualan tanah sekiranya pecah bahagi bangunan ditamatkan atau tanah dijual.
  • Hak ke atas pampasan insuran akibat dari bencana alam.
  • Hak mendapat sokongan, perkhidmatan dan perlindungan bagi petaknya.
  • Mempunyai kuasa-kuasa sebagai seorang pemilik berhubung dengan petaknya seperti membuat urusniaga (pindahmilik, memajak, menggadai dan sebagainya).
S: Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan Petak?
J: Di dalam skim strata, unit strata dikenali sebagai ‘petak’.
S: Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan Petak Aksesori?
J: Petak aksesori adalah petak lain yang digunakan secara eksklusif oleh tuan punya petak hakmilik strata. Contohnya, tempat letak kereta yang hanya boleh digunakan secara eksklusif oleh pemilik petak.
S: Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan Perbadanan Pengurusan?
J: Terdiri daripada pemilik-pemilik petak di dalam skim strata. Ia terbentuk secara automatik bila hakmilik strata didaftarkan melalui Buku Daftar Strata.
S: Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan Harta Bersama?
J: Harta Bersama ditakrifkan sebagai semua di atas tanah berimilik kecuali petak dan petak aksesori seperti tangga, bumbung, taman dan sebagainya.
S: Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan Unit Syer?
J: Setiap petak diumpukkan unit syer dan ditunjukkan di dalam pelan strata. Jumlah umpukan unit syer adalah berbeza bergantung kepada pelbagai faktor seperti saiz petak, lokasi petak, harga jualan petak, harga pasaran petak dan lain-lain. Pembayaran caruman adalah berdasarkan umpukan unit syer   bermaksud semakin besar unit syer makin tinggi caruman yang dibayar. 

Rujukan Bahasa Malaysia:

English Version:

On going Autogate progress

Dear Residents;

The contractor is here to rectify all the issues raised by Security Department, Management Office, JMC’s and residents pertaining our Autogate. As per today, it is running with 100% capacity.

Contractor is fixing the sensor

calibration of touch sensor

getting to perfection

finally: with blue shirt is Mr Lim CC, developer's representative in JMC of JMB PV 10

Maintenance of Swimming Pool part 2

Dear Residents,

Our pool had been by maintain by C.M Chan, the original contractor from the 1st day we move in, they are well establish in the industry. Nevertheless their maintenance fee is amongst the reasonable of all the Quot joint management committee received.


Contractor from CM Chan

Contractor - CM Chan - visit on Monday, Wednesday & Friday (in the morning)

JMC's on the ground to monitor and brief contractor based on feedback from resident

Ensuring all those spot were taken care off

Our Water Filter System for the Pool

never miss out the GYM area

JMC's on the ground monitoring our cleaner - Mr Lim Choon Hock

Maintenance of Swimming Pool

Dear Residents,

Swimming pools can develop cracks in the concrete that lies beneath the plaster finish, due to settling, ground shifting or erosion.  Simple hairline cracks in the finish may not involve a leak and can, usually, be easily repaired.  However, a crack that is structural in nature and is under stress cannot be simply glued in place or plastered over, as the forces involved will continue to pull the crack apart.  Such cracks must be stabilized in order to prevent the crack from widening and causing ongoing leak problems.

As for our Pool, we’ve open up the Quotation from specialist in doing such job but since the Quot is expensive, Maintenance Dept has been given the responsibilities to resolve the issues. To replace the pool tile, we remove the old mud far enough back so that the new tile will not stick out.

They have used “3M 5200 Marine Sealant/Adhesive”. This stuff sticks to everything, stays elastic, stays waterproof, doesn’t care about thermal expansion or anything else. It patches cracks and bonds tiles that nothing else will. We will monitor the outcome and result of this issues.

"3M 5200 Marine Sealant/Adhesive" in action

it is water proof

Minimal Cost Involve in this repair work

Light at Swimming Pool replace by Contractor

at Children Swimming Pool

Ongoing Maintenance work

Dear Resident,

Recently, we’ve been struck by lightning, we’ve taken quick action by “Recalibration Test of Over current & Earth Fault Protections Relay System that come with Certificate.


the Calibration machine

contractor from Circulite Engineering re-calibration

Maintenance of PVDPMSB monitoring the calibration

Main Switch Board - MSB Panel Block B

This exercise was carried out at all Block, this is ongoing exercise to ensure our common property is well maintain.

Thank You


Ongoing Maintenance Works

The cleaners are busy cleaning the guardhouse. We require the cleaning company to keep every area of PV 10 in spick and span condition.

The staff of PVDPMSB are busy giving the zebra lines a new coat of yellow paint which has faded.

Based on the request by residents, the JMC decided in the meeting no 43 to draw two parking bays for visitors who are waiting or dropping their guests. They are only allowed to park there for a short period of time and that is about 20 minutes.


Aluminium Door that required constant Maintenance


The JMc is continuously striving to provide a comfortable environment for the residents of PV 10.

Goodnight and have a nive day.

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