On going Autogate progress

Dear Residents;

The contractor is here to rectify all the issues raised by Security Department, Management Office, JMC’s and residents pertaining our Autogate. As per today, it is running with 100% capacity.

Contractor is fixing the sensor

calibration of touch sensor

getting to perfection

finally: with blue shirt is Mr Lim CC, developer's representative in JMC of JMB PV 10


Maintenance of Swimming Pool part 2

Dear Residents,

Our pool had been by maintain by C.M Chan, the original contractor from the 1st day we move in, they are well establish in the industry. Nevertheless their maintenance fee is amongst the reasonable of all the Quot joint management committee received.


Contractor from CM Chan

Contractor - CM Chan - visit on Monday, Wednesday & Friday (in the morning)

JMC's on the ground to monitor and brief contractor based on feedback from resident

Ensuring all those spot were taken care off

Our Water Filter System for the Pool

never miss out the GYM area

JMC's on the ground monitoring our cleaner - Mr Lim Choon Hock

Maintenance of Swimming Pool

Dear Residents,

Swimming pools can develop cracks in the concrete that lies beneath the plaster finish, due to settling, ground shifting or erosion.  Simple hairline cracks in the finish may not involve a leak and can, usually, be easily repaired.  However, a crack that is structural in nature and is under stress cannot be simply glued in place or plastered over, as the forces involved will continue to pull the crack apart.  Such cracks must be stabilized in order to prevent the crack from widening and causing ongoing leak problems.

As for our Pool, we’ve open up the Quotation from specialist in doing such job but since the Quot is expensive, Maintenance Dept has been given the responsibilities to resolve the issues. To replace the pool tile, we remove the old mud far enough back so that the new tile will not stick out.

They have used “3M 5200 Marine Sealant/Adhesive”. This stuff sticks to everything, stays elastic, stays waterproof, doesn’t care about thermal expansion or anything else. It patches cracks and bonds tiles that nothing else will. We will monitor the outcome and result of this issues.

"3M 5200 Marine Sealant/Adhesive" in action

it is water proof

Minimal Cost Involve in this repair work

Light at Swimming Pool replace by Contractor

at Children Swimming Pool

Ongoing Maintenance Works

The cleaners are busy cleaning the guardhouse. We require the cleaning company to keep every area of PV 10 in spick and span condition.

The staff of PVDPMSB are busy giving the zebra lines a new coat of yellow paint which has faded.

Based on the request by residents, the JMC decided in the meeting no 43 to draw two parking bays for visitors who are waiting or dropping their guests. They are only allowed to park there for a short period of time and that is about 20 minutes.


Aluminium Door that required constant Maintenance


The JMc is continuously striving to provide a comfortable environment for the residents of PV 10.

Goodnight and have a nive day.

The tempered glass doors.

The existing door on the ground floor. It is giving a lot of noises and it looks so fragile.

The tempered  glass door ( it is very thick )  at Prima Setapak Condo. It is already 6 years old. It looks so solid and upmarket It is still working perfectly without any creaking sound.

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Goodnight and have a nice day

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