Assembly Point for PV 10, General Emergency Procedures (Fire)

Dear Residents;

General Emergency Procedures


These fire emergency procedures are for the PV 10, Platinum Lake Condo.

When you hear the fire alarm:

  • Remain calm and check if there is any sign of fire in the vicinity.
  • If you see fire or smoke, or hear the announcement asking you to evacuate, follow the evacuation procedures below.
  • If there is no sign of a fire, stay alert and pay attention to announcement until the fire alarm is silenced.
  • Evacuate if the alarm has sounded for more than two minutes.
  • If you hear the buzzer sound which indicates fire alarm is activated in an adjacent fire zone, stay alert and pay attention to announcement.
  • If you hear both the buzzer and the fire alarm, you are near the boundary of fire zones, treat as if you hear the fire alarm.

If you discover a fire:

Remember *Every floor is equipped with Fire Extinguisher*

Fire Fighting Equipment
  1. Water from the hose reels is good for wood and paper fire, structural fire, but NOT for oil, electrical or metal fire.
  2. Fire blanket can be used when someone’s clothing catches fire.

When there is a fire and you need to evacuate:

  • Remain calm. Walk, do not run, especially when travelling on staircases.
  • Immediately leave the building and go to the assembly point (refer to picture below) using the nearest exit.
  • Try to help those who may have difficulties travelling such as disabled and pregnant persons.
  • Report to your Management Team at the assembly point as far as practicable.
  • Do not return to the building until permission is given by the BOMBA Officer in charge of the scene.

Remember not to use the lift when there is a fire.

If you are trapped in a lift…

  • Remain calm.
  • Press the alarm button in the lift, it will alert guard station at Lift Lobby.
  • Never try to force open the lift door or get out through the manhole at the ceiling of the lift car. Such attempts may result in fatal accidents.
  • Be patient and wait for help.

Thank You

Google Image - our assembly point

Google Earth - view from top, our assembly point

Fire Drill - Assembly Point


Google Earth Image for PV 10-new update

Dear Residents,

Attach is the new image for PV 10,

just being updated by Google. [click here to see the map]

PV 10 google Earth 3mirror link at Facebook

PV 10 google Earth 2mirror link at Facebook

PV 10 google EarthMirror Link at Facebook

Thank You.

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