Ongoing Maintenance work

Dear Resident,

Recently, we’ve been struck by lightning, we’ve taken quick action by “Recalibration Test of Over current & Earth Fault Protections Relay System that come with Certificate.


the Calibration machine

contractor from Circulite Engineering re-calibration

Maintenance of PVDPMSB monitoring the calibration

Main Switch Board - MSB Panel Block B

This exercise was carried out at all Block, this is ongoing exercise to ensure our common property is well maintain.

Thank You



The tempered glass doors.

The existing door on the ground floor. It is giving a lot of noises and it looks so fragile.

The tempered  glass door ( it is very thick )  at Prima Setapak Condo. It is already 6 years old. It looks so solid and upmarket It is still working perfectly without any creaking sound.

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