Pedestrian Gate will be online effective 1st November 2011

Dear Residents,

Don’t forget to bring your access card.

fully implemented after much discussion during our AGM


Happy Wesak Day

Wesak or Vesak, also known as Buddha Day

In the spirit of celebrating Wesak Day, we would like to wish all Buddhist devotees Happy Wesak Day. May this Wesak Day bring happiness to all of us..

Ongoing work at PV 10

Dear Residents;

Based on the feedback by owners, we’ve install a steel chain to prevent cars going down the ramp to take a short cut.

Based on the request by owner Maintenance had install a steel chain to avoid cars from taking the shortcut

left & right with the Steel Chain

Maintenance’s Dept is also working on the leaking underneath the walkway

location: in front of chinese food shop & swimming pool

as the leak has been identify, we're installing additional underground piping system


the leak underneath the walkway

Thank You

Nite View of our Swimming Pool

Dear Residents,

Maintenance’s Dept is working round the clock to ensure all the bulb especially in the Swimming Pool area is in good condition.

View from the top

for any feedback, complaints and suggestion, kindly log in to our community portal at:

Thank You

Happy Deepavali to Residents of PV 10

We, Joint Management Committees of JMB PV 10 wish a happy Deepavali to all Hindus in Malaysia, as well as to our brothers and sisters of different faiths who rejoice in the concept of unity in diversity.

If you’re planning to take a journey, please ensure the condition of your car is in good condition, Drive Safely and stop at R&R if you feel sleepy. Another matter which you should not forget is your house. See that it is fully secured. Don’t forget to use our signature clamp. It will serve as  a big deterence to potential burglar.

Thank You

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali from JMB PV 10

Happy Deepavali from JMB PV 10


Dear Resident,

The gym is ready as you can see in the pictures below. Its open and can be used as usual. Kindly proceed to Guard House.



installation of the mirror

installation of the mirror

JMC Mr Raj, Encik Sherry & Mr Sinna

JMC Mr Raj, Encik Sherry & Mr Sinna

IMGP4719IMGP4734IMGP4735IMGP4737IMGP4739Alternatively more pictures available at JMC Facebook

Click here to go to JMC at Facebook

Click here to go to JMC at Facebook

Thank You

Latest on the gym


As you can see from the pictures, the work to convert the former shop lot into a gym is almost completed except for the installation of the giant mirrow.  The carpet was laid. The lighting was done. The paintwork completed and the next task will be choosing a date to shift all the equipment into the gym. The gym will be opened to the residents once all the equipment are shifted.

Goodnight and have nice day.

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