Coming Soon: upgrading of our Multi Purpose Hall

Dear all,

As per the resolution pass by owners in the last AGM (2011), we’ve kick start with the work, further details available at:

Attach are some pictures for your perusal.

work for the side skirting

contractor has start their work

specialist in laying of tile



HighRise Scheduled Maintenance Updates‏

Dear Residents;

Our web collaboration tool is under scheduled maintenance which was due to complete by Sunday, 18th July 2010 has been extended to Friday, 23rd July 2010.

Highrise team has sent the notification to your email.

Email received from Highrise Team

In the meantime, Residents can call our Management Office at:


Alternatively, for any comments and suggestion, kindly proceed to:

JMC at Facebook

Thank You

The Light Casing inside the Lifts

Dear Residents,

Maintenance Dept of PVDPMSB has rectify the issues today as they have received the spare parts from EITA Lift.


More pictures available at JMC Facebook, we stored at FB due to unlimited storage offered by FB. (click here for JMC at Facebook)

Thank You


Dear Resident,

The gym is ready as you can see in the pictures below. Its open and can be used as usual. Kindly proceed to Guard House.



installation of the mirror

installation of the mirror

JMC Mr Raj, Encik Sherry & Mr Sinna

JMC Mr Raj, Encik Sherry & Mr Sinna

IMGP4719IMGP4734IMGP4735IMGP4737IMGP4739Alternatively more pictures available at JMC Facebook

Click here to go to JMC at Facebook

Click here to go to JMC at Facebook

Thank You

Update on car registration numbers to be printed on the car park bays.


Update on car registration numbers to be printed on the car park bays.

  1. Kindly be informed that printing of  car registration numbers on the car parking bays is in progress. Residents whose car registration number is not in accordance with the number printed on the parking bay is required to update your car registration number at the management office。You may also  do it through the Highrise inbox by stating your name, unit number and the latest car registration number and send it to the management inbox by 31st October 2009.
  2. Kindly be informed that the car registration number of the car that is parked on the parking bay must be in accordance with the number printed on it. Please register the second car that you wish to park on the parking bay to enable the management to print the car registration number on it.
  3. Your car may be clamped and a fine of RM50.00 will be imposed should you breach any of the rules above.

Thank you

The management

Sample One Registeration of Car Park

Sample One Registeration of Car Park

2 Registered Number

2 Registered Number

On progress work by Maintenance of PVDPMSB

On progress work by Maintenance of PVDPMSB

Mirror Images at JMC PV 10 at Facebook:


Dear residents,

Since we have a resident manager now, please address all your complaints directly to him first by using the management inbox in the Highrise.

The management is the right party to attend to all the complaints pertaining to operation matters. This is the right  procedure of making a complaint. IF you complain to the JMC, we still have to refer them to the management.

The resident manager is a full time staff and his main duty is to serve the residents. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OPERATION MATTERS AT PV10. If the issues cannot be resolved, then you can refer them to us. I had highlighted this matter in the wordpress . The JMC acts as a watchdog.

One example of making a complaint is:


Block A, left staircase light at FL 17 not working. Pls attend to it. TQ  Unit No: A-17-5. Then send it to the management inbox.

So easy , there is no need to write an essay.

This is a speedy way of making a complaint and your complaint will be attended to. If it takes days to replace a burnt out light or a broken lock at the common area, then you can write to us using the feedback feature in the Highrise.


Resident Manager PV 10

Resident Manager PV 10

Facebook Profile (click here)

Thank You

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