Lock Clamp Available

Dear Owners,

Kindly drop by to the Management Office and order your lock clamp. 
There are two sizes available.
Size B = 7.5cm X 7.5cm


Size A = 12cm X 7cm

The above are some of the preventive measures that you can take to prevent your house from being broken into. It is not a fool proof method but it will discourage the burglar from choosing your house as the target.

So far there’s only around 40 owners who bought the clamp, it is a low respond as owners need to pay only RM15 for a custom made lock clamp that you couldn’t find  in the market.

Therefore rather than blaming each other, (click to read articles) why not as an owners of PV10, we rush to Management Office, buy the lock clamp and at least secured our door from further breaks-in.

On last Friday, the last week of TSS Security, a break in occurred at Level 13A of Block D. The method that the burglars used to break into the house is the same as others. They just cut the thin ear-lobe. According to our record , he did not buy the enhanced  clamp from us. We will like to plead with the owners to use the clamps as the cost is only RM 15.00 each . It will go a long way to protect your house. It is not 100%  foolproof but it is an effective preventive measure.

Once again, JMC urged owners of PV 10, kindly get the Lock Clamp ASAP. Kindly call the management office at 03-40241488.


Lock Clamp available

Good News

Lock Clamp available at PVDPMSB office, if you had registered earlier, please collect by today or Saturday May 2, 2009 or call 03-40241488. 


Lock Clamp

Dear Owners,

Certain measures were taken to squeeze our security parameter.

Effective today

  1. All drop-ins and pick-ups must wait at the parking area from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm, they are not allowed to proceed to Block B, C and D.
  2. Hourly checking is already been carried out.
  3. All the lift lobbies must not left unattend where a guard from guardhouse must replace those involve with patrolling and clocking.
  4. All workers from any contractors and walk-in visitors must carry passes.
  5. Security Company contract will be reviewed should there be further break-ins.

Good News

JMC also had agreed to subsidize half price the lock clamp. Unit Price RM30. Owners only need to pay for RM15 only. Owners will be inform via WordPress and Notice Board when the stock available. It’s a custom made which is more durable and theft proof.


Long Term

The installation of CCTV on every floor, we’re looking around for quotation, we’ve call for supplier and waiting for their feedback.

As soon we get the quotation, we will post here for comments and feedbacks.

if any of the owners have any contacts in this business, you may be able to get some quotation and contact us.

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