Maintenance Dept of PVDPMSB PV 10

Dear Residents,

This is the team that has help us to maintain PV 10 in good  condition.

from left: En Sherry, Mr Andy Chen, En Hamzah and En Azman

En Azman, En Sherry and En Hamzah report to Mr Andy Chen our Resident Manager.


Corridor at few level – Touch Up Work

Dear Residents,

JMC had received few complaints pertaining the above matter, Maintenance Dept of PVDPMSB had been given the order to carried out with the touch up work. Its a ongoing work & currently they are at Block B, Level 18 & 19.


The area is in the midst of touch up


work should be ready soon

Alternatively, more pictures made available at JMC Facebook (click here to view)

Fencing Wall Compound Lighting

Dear Residents,

The Main Con had fix the underground wiring for the above-said Lights. The delay due to Maintenance Dept PVDPMSB is chasing the main con to finish up their liability period pending work. All the work carried is FOC.


Technician from Main Con rectifying the issues


The Lights is working

Alternatively you can view all the pictures at JMC Facebook (click here to view)

Thank You

The Light Casing inside the Lifts

Dear Residents,

Maintenance Dept of PVDPMSB has rectify the issues today as they have received the spare parts from EITA Lift.


More pictures available at JMC Facebook, we stored at FB due to unlimited storage offered by FB. (click here for JMC at Facebook)

Thank You

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