Dialog bersama Polis 15/10/2010

Dear Residents,

JMC’s been invited to the above dialogue with the Police Force by ASP Basuki (Ketua Balai Polis Setapak), the events took place at Balai Polis Danau Kota (near uptown) at 9:00pm 15th October 2010.

Amongst the issues that we can share:

  • Police Force had identify the Hot Spot for Setapak area which is divided into 4 zones – Ong Tai Kim, Gombak Setia, Taman Ibu Kota & Danau Kota (Jalan Langkawi).
  • Therefore effective 15/9/2010, Balai Polis Setapak had imported 108 back up force from PGA Cheras (Pasukan Gerak Am) to help in the patrolling of the 4 zones which is in the range of 4 km. Thats a good news for us, as you have notice that lately we’ve seen Police personnel patrolling within the vicinity of our surrounding areas.
  • This is the move made for them to achieve their NKRA & reduce the crime index to acceptable level.
  • We’ve been informed that their goal is to make Danau Kota a safe town or “Model Bandar Selamat” to the extent CCTV will be installed in various location.

As for JMC’s we will continue to co-operate with the “Komuniti Bestari Danau Kota” and inform them for any suspicious act within our vicinity. We hope residents will continue to give feedback at our portal


Thank You


with the mic is Encik Basuki Ketua Balai Polis Setapak




ASP Hamdi from PGA (Pasukan Gerak Am) Cheras explaining on his 108 personnel that has been deployed in the 4km Hot Spot



at Balai Polis Danau Kota



Various JMBs, RA, Rukun Tetangga attend the Dialogue






Have you registered with the Rakan Cop?




The police will visit PV 10 every day. They will sign out before they leave.



Dialog Bersama Polis


Semua dijemput Hadir



Tarikh:       21 Jun 2009 (Ahad)
Masa:         10:30pagi hingga 12:30 tengahari
Tempat:     Dewan Terbuka, Teratai Mewah Apartment Block 4 & 5, Jalan
                     Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur.


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