Car Park Roof Top

Dear car park owners on the roof top,

We have taken some measures to link up the small gaps between the two roof to provide some relief to those who are caught in the rain. It was done by our handymen at no extra cost incurred at all. This could be a permanent measure or a temporary one to cover up the  small gap. 12We wish that the residents are happy with the quality of work done. To us, they are acceptable.

Good night and have a nice day.


Roof Top Car Park


The JMC had written a letter to PVDSB to bear the cost of linking all the car park on 6th March 2009. (Click here to see previous post) We have receive the reply from developer on 23rd March 2009.

Below is the said letters.

“JMC request”

JMB“PVD reply”


Thank You

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