Hardening coat for the pool area

Knowing that the floor at the pool area will be worn out due to wear and tear, the JMC has taken preventive action to apply the floor with a layer of  clear hardening coat. The work will be done by handymen from PVDPMSB. We just have to purchase the coat. The area around the pool and the walking path will be given a layer of the coat.

You can make a comparison by looking at the pictures. This is actually part of our ongoing projects to bring further improvement to PV10. The coat will go a long way to protect the surface for a long time to come with a minimal cost incurred. Pay a visit to the pool and you will notice a mark difference between the surface with the coat and without the coat.


Surface without the coat. There is no shine at all.


Surface with the hardening coat. You can notice a little shine on the surface.

Goodnight and have a nice day.

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