Spoil Drainage Cover (White Colour) at Swimming Pool

Dear all,

Maintenance Dept has detected a spoil drainage cover (White Colour) at our Swimming Pool. It is cracked and can’t be used, therefore we’ve call CM Chan to replace the cover.

We regret to inform that the said area will be closed temporarily. (Near the Saloon).


Thank You


spoil swimming pool drainage cover near Saloon

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Maintenance of Swimming Pool

Dear Residents,

Swimming pools can develop cracks in the concrete that lies beneath the plaster finish, due to settling, ground shifting or erosion.  Simple hairline cracks in the finish may not involve a leak and can, usually, be easily repaired.  However, a crack that is structural in nature and is under stress cannot be simply glued in place or plastered over, as the forces involved will continue to pull the crack apart.  Such cracks must be stabilized in order to prevent the crack from widening and causing ongoing leak problems.

As for our Pool, we’ve open up the Quotation from specialist in doing such job but since the Quot is expensive, Maintenance Dept has been given the responsibilities to resolve the issues. To replace the pool tile, we remove the old mud far enough back so that the new tile will not stick out.

They have used “3M 5200 Marine Sealant/Adhesive”. This stuff sticks to everything, stays elastic, stays waterproof, doesn’t care about thermal expansion or anything else. It patches cracks and bonds tiles that nothing else will. We will monitor the outcome and result of this issues.

"3M 5200 Marine Sealant/Adhesive" in action

it is water proof

Minimal Cost Involve in this repair work

Light at Swimming Pool replace by Contractor

at Children Swimming Pool

Landscaping at the pool

We bought some christmas plants to replace some of those dying plants at the guardhouse.

The pool will be planted with additional cococnut plants.

These are some of the new yellow coconut plants that we will be planting around the pool.


our Gardener working on the new coconut tree

we will see the result when it grows

hope it will grow & nourish our swimming pool area

hope it will grow & nourish our swimming pool area

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