Gloss Paint at Lift Lobby Ground Floor

Dear Residents,

The Maintenance Dept of PVDPMSB had completed the job of painting the entrance of Lift Lobby at all Blocks.

Thank You



Gloss Paint at Ground Floor Lift Lobby


Gloss Paint at Ground Floor Lift Lobby

Gloss Paint at Ground Floor Lift Lobby

Gloss Paint at Ground Floor Lift Lobby

more pictures at JMC Facebook.



Dear residents,

Since we have a resident manager now, please address all your complaints directly to him first by using the management inbox in the Highrise.

The management is the right party to attend to all the complaints pertaining to operation matters. This is the right  procedure of making a complaint. IF you complain to the JMC, we still have to refer them to the management.

The resident manager is a full time staff and his main duty is to serve the residents. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OPERATION MATTERS AT PV10. If the issues cannot be resolved, then you can refer them to us. I had highlighted this matter in the wordpress . The JMC acts as a watchdog.

One example of making a complaint is:


Block A, left staircase light at FL 17 not working. Pls attend to it. TQ  Unit No: A-17-5. Then send it to the management inbox.

So easy , there is no need to write an essay.

This is a speedy way of making a complaint and your complaint will be attended to. If it takes days to replace a burnt out light or a broken lock at the common area, then you can write to us using the feedback feature in the Highrise.


Resident Manager PV 10

Resident Manager PV 10

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Thank You

How upgrading jobs get down


How upgrading jobs get down

These are the procedures that we adopt before a a proposal is turned into a reality. These are the following steps that we have to go through.

1. The JMC and PVDPMSB discuss a proposal presented by any committee member, the management or the owners in a JMC meeting.

2. The JMC makes a decision on the proposal in a JMC meeting.

3. The PVDPMSB sources the quotations from various contractors. TheJMC accepts any quotations from any owners or any committee member . We make sure there are 3 quotations to choose from before we make a decision in a JMC meeting.

4. With the advice of PVDPMSB and after a brainstorming the JMCselects the quotation in a JMC meeting.

5. PVDPMSB issues the PR ( Pre– Requisition ) form to be signed by theJMC.

6. PO ( Purchase Order ) is issued to the contractor.

7. The contractor starts work. PVDPMSB and the committee members monitor the work with the help of feedback from the residents. ( E.g. the work on the humps ).

8. When the job is completed, an invoice is presented to the accountdepartment of PVDPMSB.

9. The account department issues the cheque with payment voucher to the JMC.

10. One of cheque signatories from Group A and another from Group B sign the cheque.

11. A Job is completed.

With the number of steps that we take and after a few meetings, it will take a while before a project can take off. Owners can rest assured that there is no room for misuse of our fund. The cheque book is in the custody of PVDPMSB. Any committee member who has an interest in any of the proposals will have to leave the meeting room when a decision is being made.

As for contractual services like the security and cleaning, the payment sums are fixed and the cheques are made in favour of the companies. It’s the same for payments made for utilities.

Goodnight and have a nice day


Raymond57 said…
Dear See,

good to know v hv a transparent BMF fund management procedure which at least acts as a good SHIELD to misappropriation of fund. The recent unfolded global financial crisis that involved MNCs and allegedly corruptive practices in several local ministries and public listed companies which were all along boasting their strict adherence to transparency proved that there’s no shield (procedures) in this world that no arrow (integrity related) can penetrate. As such, we shall not be overconfident with our BMF control procedures and having our guard loosened at any time. Just a word of caution.

Anonymous said…’s no more april fool..
just now about 8.30 pm..
there were some kids,to be exact, 4 of them, they were those black racism is intended.
i was inside the lift..2 of those kids went inside, the other 2 were outside..
when the door was about to close, the other 2 kids out there threw soemthing in.
something that would explode.
and there was liquid in it..
although this caused no harm to me and others in the lift, but i dont think this act is appropriate.

i hope u can take attention to this so that this wouldnt continue.

SEE said…
dear anonymous,

you should have reprimanded the boys when the incident happened.

these are isolated incidents that are difficult for us to stop.

Anonymous said…
Though it is isolated case.. we need to prevent it from reoccur!!

Can’t the mgmt refer back to cctv to identify those stupid kids..??? then, wat d purpose of having d cctv inside d lift???? 

my suggestions is that, we publish the culprits picture which can be print from the cctv monitor..

Raymond57 said…
Dear See,

yr reply to the anon is reminiscent of a snatch thief case in which the thief was released by a magistrate for being caught the first time in the act. The judge presumed that the thief committed the criminal act for the first time and got netted unluckily by the public. But based on the law of probablility of 2% success rate in nabbing the snatch thief, the thief might hv succeeded in snatching 49 hand bags b4 he was caught. 

The anon may want to reprimand the culprits outside the lift but unfortunately he had no chance to lay his hands on them as the lift closed in the nick of time. We hv the CCTV recording to help him and ourselves, inclusive the culprits’ parents, to do so by tracing the culprits through their friends who were in the lift together with the anon at that juncture.

The above-mentioned misbehaviour may hv the contagious effect if we take it likely evnethough we hv the capacity to curb it on time b4 it gets rampant. We shall seek the cooperation of all the residents to dispcipline their kids with some effective communications and publicity. Plis take the issue seriously at all times if u ever hv the desire to nip the problem in the bud. Refusal to take action on the constructive feedback is amounting to fanning the indisciplanry acts within our premises as the said acts will affirmatively breed a vicious culture of misbehaviour.

SEE said…
dear anon,
in the future when you come across such an incident, do not hesitate to report to the management or the security. do not forget to mention the date and the time of the incident.

Raymond57 said…
Dear See,

don’t u consider the anon’s feedback as constructive for this blog and be thankful to him? The issue concerned is related to housekeeping, safety(slippery lift floor) and cost (may spoil some mechanism parts of lift if it gets rampant and the liquid is corrosive). Why divert the issue to mgt and security if JMC has the capacity and manpower to drive them to nab the culprits and subsequently generating a new house rule to deter the misbehaviour? I won’t touch on yr job delegation skill to get things done here.

SEE said…
dear owners,

every owner has a part to play. you don’t expect the committee members to be every where and to convey every one of your complaints to the management. Bear in mind , there are thousands of residents living in PV10. My suggestion to him is appropriate. make a complaint to the management or the security immediately so that instant action can be taken instead of getting the committee members to act through the blog.

How many of the commentators have actually gone to the management office to lodge complaints. The management office is set up to serve you all. You complain to us and we complain to the management. For instant, if you see someone swimming in the pool without proper attire. What should you do? you complain to the management and they are duty bound to act on your complaint but if you complain to us, we still have to refer the matter to the management because the residents are answerable to the management and not us. That’s how it works.

But if no action is taken, then the management will be answerable to the JMC. The JMC always maintains that the first party to hear your complaints is the management.

Raymond57 said…
Dear See,

we are well aware from numerous past comments the aspiration of the residents to rid misbehaviours of the African kids but we couldn’t do so due to lack of concrete evidence.
The anon’s hilite presents a pretty solid evidence for JMC to lead the investigation with assitance from security and mgt to teach the culprit and their peers a good lesson and emphatically warning them that local residents will stop at nothing to rid them of the mischievous acts. Subsequently, we shall create a new house rule for permanent fix.

JMC chairman is wielding the power over the fate of security and mgt who will act on the chairman’s green-light. If the chairman views the case lightly and said it’s not worthy of investigation, both the security and mgt who hv access to this blog will obediently follow suit or do it half-heartedly when the report is lodged. They may also not entertaining the anon when he lodges the report with yr comment as the pretext. Hence, u shall make appropriate comments and decisions at all times as yr words carry more weight than others. My sincere advice to u is don’t miss the good opportunities to enhance the well-being of the residents that come by and realign yr priorities to residing owners’.

beedee06 said…
Dear See,

I have on numerous occasions maintained that the management should take proactive approach on complaints whether it is physically lodging complaint to Mgmt office or from this blog. Do not let bureaucracy impede the welfare of the residents. A complaint to this blog should be as good as going to Mgmt Office for complaint. If the Mgmt is not able to undertake this, then JMC should insist on a better person to handle it. I was made to understand that JMC in PV6 have rejected the appointment of Ms Lena as a manager there due to incompetency. If that still persist, then we should insist on changes

Kha Heng said…
Dear See,

Currently I’m facing a frequent disconnect problem (every 10mins) on my streamyx connection. And I found out that I’m not the only 1 who facing this problem in Block A. Just need your help on gathering number of residents who facing this problem so that I can complain to the TM management as the management is handling my case now.

Raymond57 said…
Dear Kha Heng,

Ms Lena should be more than capable of getting u the number and assist u to lodge complaint with TM. If she fails, we still hv our JMC secetary, Vincent Cheong (P1 Wimax computer agent) to fall back on. Yr dilemma is definitely on the good hands now. Do not be unduly worried. Be rest assured that Ms Lena can’t afford to fail in this simple and easy task.

Block D Owner said…
To All,

Ms.Lena is good in her work. I have file few complaints to her & action taken immediately. To beedee I don’t think the idea of changing Ms.Lena, as she also takes order from JMC & she just follow orders from the JMC members. If you going to change you need to change the JMC members & not Ms.Lena.

Block B Owner said….. said…
To All,

IF lena do a good job and because she got good instructions from the JMC. Why I asked you you should change the the JMC members. It does not make sense. Just because she solved your problems she is good and JMC is not good. Suggest something more sensible

EW said…
To Mr See & Committee members

I need a favour, I’m a house wife & I observed the cleaner that cleans our corridor. I have been monitoring the cleaner & I found out that she will just mob the corridor & not even swipe it & this makes the corridor dirty. As for my block in block C previously the assign cleaner was very good but 3 weeks back they change the cleaner person & this person are really lazy & this makes our corridor dirty by their lazyness.

I did ask my neighbours & they also realise this. I hope that you can do something here.

I’m paying for my maintenance still I’m swipping my corridor. It’s not right.

Hope changing the assign person that cleans the Block C corridor or take some action here, PLEASE.

SEE said…
dear EW,

duty to unsatisfactory performance, the JMC had decided to terminate the services of the current cleaning company. just bear with it for another two weeks. the new company will start work on the 1st May.

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