Coming Soon: upgrading of our Multi Purpose Hall

Dear all,

As per the resolution pass by owners in the last AGM (2011), we’ve kick start with the work, further details available at:

Attach are some pictures for your perusal.

work for the side skirting

contractor has start their work

specialist in laying of tile



Pedestrian Gate will be online effective 1st November 2011

Dear Residents,

Don’t forget to bring your access card.

fully implemented after much discussion during our AGM

Annual General Meeting 2011 JMB PV 10

Dear all,

Some pictures for your perusal,


Chairman Speech to officiate the AGM

Lawyer Mr Tee explaining the Strata Titles


to download the Powerpoint kindly klik at:

Notice of AGM JMB PV 10, 2011

Dear Valued Owner of PV 10;


Notice of AGM JMB PV 10, 2011

AGM 2011 - Proxy Form


*Right Click at the above image to download to your PC (Windows) or drag to your Desktop (Mac)

Alternatively; it is available at our Residential Web Collaboration

the Notice will be made available at our Notice Board on Monday 31st January 2011.

See you all in the AGM soon.

Thank You

mirror link:

JMB PV 10 – AGM 2009

Dear Residents,

Chairman Speech upload to YouTube

to view at YouTube click at:

Our Treasurer Ms Wendy Koh and thank you to PVDPMSB for ensuring the smoothness of the AGM

Residents who have turn up for the AGM

Thank You for participating in the AGM

Discussion to adapt the House Rules

Joint Management Committees JMB PV 10

Thank You to residents of PV 10 who has perticipate in the AGM.

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