Dear residents,

Since we have a resident manager now, please address all your complaints directly to him first by using the management inbox in the Highrise.

The management is the right party to attend to all the complaints pertaining to operation matters. This is the right  procedure of making a complaint. IF you complain to the JMC, we still have to refer them to the management.

The resident manager is a full time staff and his main duty is to serve the residents. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OPERATION MATTERS AT PV10. If the issues cannot be resolved, then you can refer them to us. I had highlighted this matter in the wordpress . The JMC acts as a watchdog.

One example of making a complaint is:


Block A, left staircase light at FL 17 not working. Pls attend to it. TQ  Unit No: A-17-5. Then send it to the management inbox.

So easy , there is no need to write an essay.

This is a speedy way of making a complaint and your complaint will be attended to. If it takes days to replace a burnt out light or a broken lock at the common area, then you can write to us using the feedback feature in the Highrise.


Resident Manager PV 10

Resident Manager PV 10

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Thank You


Appointment of a new resident manager

Dear residents,

We are pleased to inform you that a new resident manager, Mr Andy has been appointed to manage our condo. He will be solely responsible for all the operation matters at the condo. In the future, if you have any complaints that cannot be resolved , please refer the issue to him.

Under the previous arrangement with PVDPMSB, we do not have a full time resident manager. The resident manager is from a pool staff and was stationed here on an adhoc basis. We hope that with his presence, the residents will experience further improvements  inPV10 and enjoy better services.

Andy Chen Resident Manager PV 10Alternatively, his facebook

Goodnight and have a nice day

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